Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Suzy is a real pleasure to ride! We had a nice tail wind riding out here from Kingman this morning, but going home, it was a steady 25-30 mph! On a long slow grade the last 10 miles or so, we were riding along at an indicated 70 to 75 mph. A very long Railroad train over took us, and over about 10 miles finally passed with all the flat bed cars..carrying containers with wheels ready to hook up to trucks at their destinations. We also blew by a GS BMW, he had huge aluminum boxes, full traveling gear, and probably a zillion bucks in electronic doo-dads. He was having a hard time in the wind. 2 Vulcans and a little Burgman left him in the dust! Another GREAT day of desert riding! Now it's time to load up and think about rolling toward Oregon in the morning.

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